What Do You Call Your Weed Man?

What Do You Call Your Weed Man?

The word “budtender” grew out of necessity. But is it still the right word for the profession?


A new industry needed a name for a new position. People saw someone standing behind a counter selling an ‘intoxicant’ and leapt to the obvious parallel of the bartender. Also, early budtenders actually tended the buds; they directly cared for the garden.


But a sommelier is not a bartender. And there’s something more that drives the best and brightest budtenders in the industry. Anyone can serve up products on demand and fill orders like a robot. Some budtenders have a special dedication to understanding the cannabis plant and its chemistry and applications.


Those budtenders care about you — just because you’re a fellow human. They want you to rest easy because no one should live in pain. They want to show you the best quality products because they want your celebrations to make lifelong memories. They understand that every individual requires careful attention and consideration to find the most appropriate product and dosing.


These “budtenders” spend time learning about how different strains and compounds in cannabis affect people so they can recommend the best solutions. At Craft Cannabis, so-called budtenders attend continuing education meetings to keep up on all the newest information so we can answer your toughest questions. If we don’t know the answer immediately, we’re always glad to help you research our strains right there in the shop.


Those “budtenders” deserve a more prestigious title. If cannabis had not suffered the prohibition years we might be selling skullcap, sage and Valerian root next to the sativas and indicas; so historically I think we’re related to the Apothecary. I’ve always been fond of that one.


I’ve heard a few other alternatives: Cannabis Steward is way too dry and boring for our happy, modern vibe. Cannaseur is too cheesy and self-indulgent. Although, when I realized our work app allowed us to fill in our own job title, I changed my position to “Cannaneer” so maybe I shouldn’t be on the committee to choose the new word.


Come see me at Craft Cannabis and let me know if you have a good idea.

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