Outdoor Grown vs. Indoor Grown

Indoor Greenhouse

Why does outdoor grown weed get such a bad reputation? Cannabis is a plant after all, and plants naturally grow outside. So, why do so many cannabis consumers tend to look down on it?   Cannabis was exclusively grown outdoors up until prohibition. Growers only evolved to indoor grows because they ran more of a […]

Cannabis Lingo

Cannabis Lingo

Ever walk into a dispensary and feel like the budtender helping you is speaking a different language? Cannabis talk is a whole new world and can often feel intimidating if you are not familiar with the slang and scientific terms that are thrown around inside of a recreational or medical shop. Here is a guide […]

What Do You Call Your Weed Man?


The word “budtender” grew out of necessity. But is it still the right word for the profession?   A new industry needed a name for a new position. People saw someone standing behind a counter selling an ‘intoxicant’ and leapt to the obvious parallel of the bartender. Also, early budtenders actually tended the buds; they […]

Super Bowl Canna-Treats

Super Bowl Canna-Treats

With large gatherings not allowed in the state of Washington, your annual Super Bowl party will probably be a little different this year. Just because you will not be surrounded by friends cheering on your favorite team, does not mean you cannot make a Super Bowl spread for yourself to enjoy during the game.   […]

Welcome to Craft Cannabis

Your number one question is probably, “why did you change your name,” right?   So why change it? Well, when you think about it, “New Vansterdam” is a play on word for Vancouver and Amsterdam. This is good and bad. This makes it hard to expand our brand because it is a direct tie to […]