On June 6, 2024 Department of Health compliant products will be exempt from the 37% excise tax for medical patients. 
To receive this tax exemption at the register, all three following criteria must be met.
1. Cannabis retailers with a medical cannabis endorsement may offer the exemption to qualifying patients.
2. Qualifying patients, or their designated provider, who are in the state registry and who have a registration card can get the tax exemption
3. Product identified and labeled as compliant product under WAC 246-70-040 is eligible for the excise tax exemption.
All Craft Cannabis locations are Medically Endorsed and carry Department of Health compliant products. 
If you are interested in getting your medical card authorization, please visit the Department of Health website or contact one our stores and speak to one of our Medical Cannabis Consultants for more information.
If you have successfully received your completed authorization form and need a medical card. Please schedule a time at any one of our locations.
Craft Cannabis Medical Consultants Hours
Please call your store for hours or use the calendar below to schedule an appointment.