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Dabstract Space Queen

Dabstract’s PAX Era pods, the effortless pen-and-pod system for cannabis oil, combine our pure extracts with precision heating, long battery life, and personalized session control; hallmarks of the PAX experience. Experience the new Era of cannabis enjoyment and easily control temperature, flavor, and potency via the PAX App to achieve your desired effect.

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Dabstract Gary Payton

Dabstract 510 vape carts are our favored and preferred cannabis product. Formulated with High Terpene Extracts (HTE) and pure high potency distillate, our vape cartridges offer a complete unadulterated live resin cannabis experience. This formulation allows us to preserve the natural terpenes and provide the most authentic expression of the plant. Our unique formulation is award-winning and continues to be one of Washington’s most favored vape carts.

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Plaid Jacket Gush Mintz [.5]

2 x .5g pre rolls (1g total) of premium cannabis flower infused with BHO THCA. Pre-rolls come in individual plastic vials nestled in a kraft box.


Bred by Purple City Genetics, this indica dominant strain offers a taste and flavor experience like no other. Fresh floral notes, accompanied by a spicy zest, create an uplifting palette that settles nicely against its creamy texture.

Gush Mintz is the perfect strain for true, deep relaxation. With its sky high THC levels, this strain comes in euphoric and uplifting, then evolves into complete body tranquillity.

Type: Indica Leaning Hybrid
Lineage: Kush Mints X F1 Durb X Gushers
Top Terpenes: Pending Testing
Taste: Spicy, Floral
Aroma: Fresh, Minty
Effects: Euphoric, Deep Relaxation, Tranquility


About Plaid Jacket

We are a craft cannabis company devoted to providing Washington state with the best leisure experience possible. Built by cannabis-loving, highly enthusiastic owners, every angle of our brand has been meticulously crafted to ensure blissful fulfillment. We believe that we can produce the highest quality and most consistent cannabis by implementing a delicate balance of technology and nature. Our team consists of some of the industries brightest minds in engineering and bioscience as well as highly experienced cannabis growers. This diverse blend of expertise gives us the best of both worlds, as we view cultivation as both a science and an art.

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