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Buddies Brand Fire OG

Distilled Cannabis Oil with Cannabis Derived Terpenes. 510 Vape Cartridge. Strain-specific terpenes extracted in-house and folded into highly clarified, potency-packed cannabis oil distillate. Buddies Brand™ patented process allows us to reintroduce 100% cannabis-derived terpenes so that your vape tastes and represents the same profiles as the flower it came from.

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Blue Roots Lemon Tree

Introducing Sapphire by Blue Roots Cannabis – our exclusive high-end line of premium cannabis. Our state-of-the-art grow rooms provide a full light spectrum, producing flower with high terpene content and loaded with trichomes and red hairs. Each small batch is carefully crafted to ensure the utmost quality and potency.

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Oleum Extracts Pyromaniac

Oleum Live Resin 510 cartridges are known for their strain specific flavor. They capture a perfect balance between the best tasting terpene profiles and a powerful high.

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Oleum Extracts Grandi Candi

Oleum Honey Crystal provides a smooth, tasty dabbing experience with its sugary texture and sweet flavors. The power of the high THC content creates a euphoric and satisfying vibe.

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Phat Panda Cherry Bomb

Cannabis flower is rich in trichomes, which are the resin glands containing cannabinoids and terpenes, that produce effects ranging from relaxing to stimulating depending on the potency and ratios of each active compound. Effects can usually be felt immediately and last 2-4 hours typically with a peak reached within 30 minutes to an hour.

Description courtesy of Jane

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Green Revolution Journey 1:1 [1oz] (100mg THC/100mg CBG)

Embark on your wellness journey with Journey Fast-Acting Tincture, the ultimate choice for enhanced mental clarity and relaxation. This finely crafted fast-acting tincture blends equal parts THC and CBG in a 1:1 ratio, offering a unique synergy that sharpens focus while soothing the mind.

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