Reviews about Craft Cannabis Wenatchee

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Gabriel
    09/30/2023 04:25 AM
    I was helped by Lane tonight, and I was treated with amazing customer service.
  • BalebNunga527
    09/30/2023 02:38 AM
    Shoutout to my boy Lane, always looking out for me keep up the good work brother
  • Kirsten Trigg
    09/30/2023 01:03 AM
    The craft is one of my favorite places to go the team is always happy and eager to help. I think Wendy will be a great new addition to your store. She’s always very bubbly. She IS my friend from forever ago like childhood never a bad day around Wendy! ☺️
  • Leah Camren
    09/30/2023 01:02 AM
    Hurley was the host to our great experience. Knowledgable and i got exactly what I was looking for👍
  • Gracie
    09/29/2023 10:57 PM
    Only maryjane shop I really go to! Very inviting and everyone is very nice and non judgmental, they’re on top of IDs as well:) I was helped by Erik the last time I went in and he was very sweet!
  • the_gaming_rabbit
    09/28/2023 06:21 PM
    My favorite dispensary. Has the best selection and great customer service. Erik was nice and helpful.
  • Eduardo Rodriguez piña
    09/28/2023 06:09 PM
    Craft cannabis is the place to go they got good deals and really good bud 😶‍🌫️
  • Courtney Starcevich
    09/28/2023 03:02 PM
    Kyle L. helped me out yesterday. I was very impressed with his knowledge of product and his friendly demeanor! Even tan a lady’s keys out to her that she forgot on the counter! Nice touch to the customer service! He’s a 10/10!
  • jesus mota
    09/28/2023 01:34 AM
    This place is awesome, always a nice amount of options to choose from! Lane was very friendly when helping me choose out my items, definitely coming back again!
  • Julian Luna
    09/28/2023 12:53 AM
    Lane was awesome!!