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Reviews about Craft Cannabis Tacoma

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • red tex
    06/17/2024 04:46 AM
    What an amazing place and experience everyone is so friendly and kind great products and I'd highly recommend coming here you'll feel happy and at home.
  • Three Kings
    06/16/2024 02:06 AM
    Shoutout Jackie at the Tacoma Location. Gave great feedback and insight which made for a great visit. Will be returning soon. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Frank Boyles
    06/15/2024 09:13 PM
    Audrie Aunna was extremely knowledgeable, very helpful, very friendly and made my experience at your store. Very good. I will be back. Thank you.
  • Jazmyne Smith
    06/14/2024 05:09 PM
    Liane was so helpful and knowledgeable about the product! Awesome vibe, beautiful store! About to be 300ft elevated!
  • Irina Is
    06/13/2024 10:20 PM
    Quinn is always helpful, friendly, and creates a great atmosphere and experience for us as patrons, including awesome recommendations for any taste. Our go-to shop in Tacoma.
  • Nick Wetherbee
    06/13/2024 04:57 PM
    Michael was extremely helpful and full of knowledge. Greatly appreciate his advise and definitely recommend! 👌👌
  • Monica Dow
    06/13/2024 12:25 AM
    Bud tenders all rock. Great selection for awesome prices. Make a tip jar for the security team, they keep us safe!!
  • Jailene Virula
    06/12/2024 07:33 PM
    Michael was a great help super nice definitely recommend coming to see them
  • Michael E.
    06/12/2024 05:57 PM
    Great product selection!!! BEST CBD/CBN/CBG/THC disposables! I live in Fredrickson, and drive all the way here JUST for disposables! 💯 As a neuropathy patient, it’s important to know who has the better meds… Now if the industry would actually focus more on the people who NEED THE MEDICINE, rather than the retail industry who is just out for a “good time.” People like me use this to keep from doing something stupid… chronic pain and neuropathy go hand in hand with being in a “dark place” 24/7… we don’t “enjoy it” anymore like ya’ll do… especially when we live on $1200 a month… we get “just enough” to get by… ridiculous! 😡 #MakeCannabisMEDICINE
  • David Stevenson
    06/10/2024 11:00 PM
    Every time I’ve been here, I have been helped by Lex. Every time I’ve been here, I I was treated with professionalism, and wonderful customer service. This is a great establishment, staffed by wonderful people. I go here to get what I need exclusively now!