Reviews about Craft Cannabis Andresen

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Joseph Farina
    11/30/2023 05:07 AM
    Nick was incredibly helpful and very pleasant! Always a pleasure to do business here.
  • Erin Starkey
    11/28/2023 10:30 PM
    Haley was awesome helpful and made my day the best!
  • Jani Barnes
    11/28/2023 01:05 AM
    Very nice and helped much Andrew was great!
  • Jon Zabel
    11/26/2023 07:26 PM
    Eric was great helping
  • Kristi Zelinka
    11/25/2023 11:40 PM
    Every time I go in, the staff is fun, respectful, and fast. Andrew was particularly helpful to me the other day, finding exactly what I needed at the best price. I love going to craft and I will be back over and over! Thank you 😊
  • Markell Haseleu
    11/25/2023 09:41 PM
    this place is the only spot I actually try to go too. i’ll go outta my way!! Andrew hooked it up this time!! he’s always pointed me in the the exact cannabis direction i was trying for. imma give this place a lot of money 😂
  • Chris Felton
    11/24/2023 09:47 PM
  • Holly Metzger
    11/23/2023 10:21 PM
    I really enjoy the staff here! The last few visits Erik has helped me and always has such great suggestions for my indecisive self! 10/10 recommend
  • tristan syron
    11/23/2023 06:02 PM
    Awesome store and great prices! The budtenders are super nice, Luke helped me figure out exactly what I needed! Also this goes without saying, GREAT product
  • Armando Andrade
    11/23/2023 12:04 AM
    Always a pleasure, one of the best shops around thanks again taylor for the great service on your part will be back!